Kittara Foxworthy

I’m originally a Canadian girl, I moved to Texas because I fell in love with a California boy who was living here. We’ve been married since 2004. We don’t have children in the traditional sense but we do have eight kids of the furry kind: a male rat terrier named Puck (2006), a female grey tabby short-hair named Purrsephony (2015), a male silver short-hair named Chaeron (2016), a male blue heeler / lab cross named Herne (2017), a male black short-hair named Purrseus (2017), another male rat terrier named Oberon (2018), a male long-hair named JackJack (2018) and last but not least a bulldog mix called Keena (2020). If you are interested in how we came to have sooo many fur-babies feel free to ask, they each have a story, some of which are rather amusing.

SoFurry: Kittara Foxworthy