G.C. Stargazer

zzzzI’ve been writing off and on for over fifteen years, but only recently broke into the Furry scene. I’ve always been a fan of the lifestyle, I just had never actively sought out writing into it specifically. I specialize in NSFW romance but tend to blend it with various other genres such as action, drama, and adventure. My writing will lean towards true love style encounters, and I don’t shirk away from the drama in my stories! Don’t be surprised to see full out sub-plots within my romance fics, or detailed action scenes. Also, I’m just a pervert at heart that loves to write saucy scenes with my characters, so there’s that too! My work runs the gambit, and I’m not limited to the types of romance I write. Most of my characters default to pansexual and though my stories will certainly have a clear direction, I write in all flavors of love.

Twitter: @stargazer_g
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