Cedric G! Bacon

Cedric (occasionally known online as Batced) has been writing most of his life. He lives in North Florida and is perpetually in a mode of creating and creativity seemingly all day. His first furry publication was in FURRY TRASH (Rabbit Valley Comics, 2018) and since then has appeared in various anthologies for Thurston Howl Publications/Bound Tales Books, Fur Planet, Rabbit Valley, and Weasel Press/Red Ferret Press. Some of his writing inspirations include Poppy Z. Brite, Robert E. Howard, Banana Yoshimoto, and Brian Jacques. While having no preference for the genres he writes (in a hope to be multi-faceted and a jack-of-all-trades) he tends to excel in horror, weird fiction, and erotic horror much of the time. When not writing, you might be finding him engaging in his hobbies, such as photography and photographing action figures; reading comic books; or discussing various TV and movies he’s just watched.

Perhaps a true old soul, he is a fan of a lot of old media, with some specific concentrations on 60s pop (the Beatles, the Beach Boys, the Monkees), classic Doctor Who, cinema from the Golden Age of Hollywood, and retro anime/manga (particularly stuff from the 1980s and 90s).

Since 2020, he has risen to become Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of Thurston Howl Publications when the press founder and namesake, Thurston Howl, stepped down and it his ongoing wish to do the press proud into the future.

Twitter: @batced

Telegram: @batced