B. P. Rugger

B. P. Rugger (they/them) is Canada’s premier furry, bigendered, autistic, queer, polyamorous writer—as far as they know. If you know of another, please let them know so they can form a support group, then battle it out, Highlander-style. When Rugger isn’t writing, powerlifting, reading, gaming, baking, playing rugby, working, or spending time with their three partners, they are desperately trying to find the time to sleep. They reside in Ottawa, though their mind conveniently revolves around whatever their current obsession is. Hopefully, it is something healthy and productive, with fewer side effects than the time they needed to perfect their truffle-making skills and gained 5 kilos. They are not as clever as they think, but hopefully are clever enough to have amused you.

You can find them on Twitter at @DammitMooMoon