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JayJay grew up in the picturesque countryside of Somerset, England, but now calls Brisbane, Australia home. In 2011 he set up his own publishing venture in Jaffa Books, originally to provide an option for the wealth of talented local writers who otherwise had nowhere else to go. Whilst Jaffa Books still serves this purpose, since 2013 it has expanded to start to include more furry publications. Distribution deals with Rabbit Valley and FurPlanet were set up, and ‘Jaffur Books’ original content is expected in 2015.

Aside from publishing, Jay somehow finds the time to write under the name J.F.R. Coates, and had currently released two fantasy novels through Jaffa.

Jay tries to keep active on social media, and you can follow him on Facebook: /jfrcoates, /jaffabooks or Twitter: @jfrcoates, @jaffabooks. He can also be found on FA and SoFurry with the username jaystoat.