About The Cóyotl Awards

Please see http://coyotlawards.com for the latest information.

The Cóyotl (pronounced KAI-yeh-tuhl) Awards Recognizing Excellence in Anthropomorphic Literature were founded in 2012 to promote quality writing within the furry fandom.

In 2010, members of the Furry Writers’ Guild began the first conversations regarding a new set of literary awards within the fandom. The Ursa Major Awards have a long and proud history within the fandom, but their nominations and voting system are open to the general public. Many within the Guild felt that we needed a means to recognize quality work among our own, an anthropomorphic Nebula equivalent to the Ursas’ Hugos.

It would take a year of percolating and more conversations, but in July of 2011, Mary “Ryffnah” Lowd formally proposed that the Furry Writers’ Guild should launch an award system unique to anthropomorphic literature. Another six months of hammering out details would follow, and who proposed to do what changed paws several times. However, in February of 2012, Kristina “buni” Tracer formally launched the Cóyotl Awards as a means for the Furry Writers’ Guild to recognize and further the reach of quality anthropomorphic literature.

Kristina Tracer ran the awards for a season and a half before Mary Lowd took over as Awards Chair. In 2019 Mary Lowd stepped down and Linnea “LiteralGrill” Capps took over as acting chair until the next guild election.