Ian Madison Keller


Ian Madison Keller is a fantasy writer currently living in Oregon. Originally from Utah, he moved up to the Pacific Northwest on a whim a decade ago and never plans on leaving. Ian has been writing since 2013 with eight novels and more than a dozen published short stories. Ian has also written under the name Madison Keller before transitioning in 2019 to Ian.

His novels include the Flower’s Fang trilogy and the four book award-winning Dragonsbane Saga self-published under Rainbow Dog Press, as well as the Changing Bodies urban fantasy series with Fanged Fiction. His work has won a Cóyotl Award and two LEO awards. He is also the new editor of ROAR starting in 2020 with ROAR 11.

Twitter @maddiekellerr,

Website http://madisonkeller.net

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Instagram @arara_snowdog