Vincenzo “Halfbloodcheetah” Pasquarella

K2klJ4_4_400x400“Halfbloodcheetah,” or Scribbles as a nickname, is a younger writer who has been writing furry-esque fiction for almost five years now. He writes multiple genres in both human and furry realms (But if he’s honest, he enjoys writing furry fiction more.), and has recently joined the editing ranks of He has a novel, Phantom Janitor, that was published by Thurston Howl Publications. He is also featured in their Slashers anthology (under a pseudonym) and in “Awoo, Who’s This?” (under his name.) And he has an upcoming story in “Pawradisio” (Also under his name.) He hails from the fabulous state of Florida, where he has lived for thirteen out of the twenty-two years of his life. In addition to writing, he enjoys acting, cooking, Hallmark movies (and mysteries), and a growing interest in horror. (He is a little weird like that, honestly.)

Twitter: @VinnieWriter

Discord: @ScribblesCheetah#5327

Telegram: @Halfbloodcheetah

Wattpad: @vpasquarella

Tumblr: @authorscribblescheetah