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Cybera, or Alison “Cybera” Cybe, is an author who specialises in fantasy and horror fiction. Her work has appeared in several horror and sci-fi/fantasy publications including Dark Cities, Interzone and Strange Horizons. Her first published work, a collection of short psychological horror stories titled “Hush!”, was award-nominated and enjoyed a stint on the bestseller charts.

She is the manager of the new gaming website Dicewolf.com, in which she writes articles, editorials and reviews. She has written extensively on inclusion and positive representation within the gaming community, and has contributed short fiction to multiple gaming publications. Born in Scotland, she lives on the south coast of England and is a co-manager of her city’s largest role-playing game society.

She has recently worked on a series of LGBT and trans-inclusive erotica comedies, Tales of Monsterotica, which are published by Dark Desires Press. Her interests include celtic mythology, transhumanism, garage kits and pet rats. Her favourite city is Brighton, and favourite colour is green.

Her current series, a transhumanist cyberpunk series, is available on her SoFurry and Fur Affinity page.