Inspiration, Exercises, and Other Fun Stuff

The Thursday Prompt

Suffering from writer’s block?  Looking for some inspiration?  Look no further than the Thursday Prompt on FurAffinity.  Created by Renee Carter Hall, later hosted by Sean Silva, and currently maintained by Vixyy Fox, it’s a simple creative exercise where you can participate with other members of the furry community.


Other Prompts and Idea Generators

Dragon Writing Prompt

Imagination Prompt Generator

Oblique Strategies

Writer Igniter at DIY MFA

Writer’s Digest Writing Prompts


National Novel Writing Month

The goal of NaNoWriMo is to encourage writers of any and all skill levels and genres to produce a 50,000-word novel beginning on November 1 and finishing by November 30. A great way to challenge yourself and banish your inner editor for a month. (Too busy in November? Check out Camp NaNoWriMo in the summer months.)


Name Generators

Need a name for a city, an alien, or the hero of your fantasy epic? These sites have you covered. (Paranormal author Jami Gold also has a great blog post here listing lots more generators of all types.)

Popular Baby Names
Fake Name Generator
Fantasy Name Generator
Place Name Generator
Random Name Generator
SciFi Name Generator


Writing Worksheets

Need help fleshing out a character or nailing down a setting? Try these worksheets.

Creative Writing Worksheets  (character, setting, scene)
Character Profile Worksheet
Patricia C. Wrede’s Fantasy Worldbuilding Questions (highly recommended)


Fun Writing Tools

Tell this online word processor how many words you want to write, and start typing. It won’t let you make any changes to your text until you reach your goal.

The Most Dangerous Writing App
Don’t stop writing, or your words will disappear.

A social word count tracker where you and your friends can see each others’ progress and cheer each other on as you work toward your writing goals.

One Page Per Day
A simple online typewriter that encourages and reminds you to write one page a day.

750 Words
If one page a day is too vague for you, try the more concrete goal of 750 words a day with this site.

wordWar by Dr. Wicked
From the creator of Write or Die, “wordWar is a competitive writing game that lets you challenge your friends to see who can get their first draft done fastest. It’s a word sprint with rules and a virtual referee.” Great for writing groups!

Write or Die
Putting the “prod” in productivity, Write or Die will helpfully torment you whenever you stop typing. On the highest setting, it will even begin to erase what you’ve already written if you stop typing for too long. (Highly recommended when you’re behind on your NaNoWriMo word count.)

Written? Kitten!
For every 100 words you write, you get a new picture of a kitten. What’s not to love? (Unless you hate kittens. And if you do, there are puppy and bunny options.)


Audio Environments for Writing

A Soft Murmur
Create a custom mix of ambient sounds with this website and app.

You can write in a coffeehouse environment from anywhere with this background audio.

Want to write to the sound of a cat’s purr, a fish tank, or a Tibetan choir? myNoise has you covered for all that and much, much more.

Rainy Mood
Sleep, study, relax — or write — with “the Internet’s most popular rain experience.”


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