Editing and Critique

If you’re looking for critique from other furry writers, be sure to check out the critique section in our forums. (You won’t be able to see the critique board until you’re registered. It’s hidden from the general public so that works posted there aren’t considered previously published.)


Editing Services

Ottercorrect Literature Services
Run by Sean Gerace (Furry Writers’ Guild manager, 2013-2014). Proofreading and full edits are offered.  For a quote, please send an email to editors@anthroaquatic.com. Base prices and timelines are listed on the website.

Critique Forums and Communities

Critique Circle
Free critique community site, open to all skill levels and genres. Critique Circle works on a credit system, where you earn points by critiquing other stories.  You can then use those points to submit your own work for critique.  Highly recommended, especially for beginning/intermediate writers.

Critters Workshop
Email-based critique group focused primarily on science fiction, fantasy, and horror.

OWW (Online Writing Workshop for Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror)
Critique/workshop site for genre writers. Has a subscription fee but offers a free one-month trial.

Other Worlds Writers’ Workshop
Email-based group for science fiction, fantasy, and horror.

Forums of discussion and critique, open to “neo-pro” speculative fiction writers who meet the membership requirements. Highly recommended.


Got a site or service to add? Email us at furwritersguild@gmail.com.