FWG Monthly Newsletter: March 2021

Welcome back once more for another monthly newsletter! Normally we release these at the beginning of a month but seeing as how April 1st is incoming, we thought it might be safer to send this out early. So let’s get to it!

First: we are in serious need of volunteer staff. For the guild to continue growing, we need folks to help fill in positions. We have a need for chat admin staff for future projects, folks with experience in website maintenance, and have been in need of a dedicated Public Relations Officer for the past year. To be able to keep making bigger projects happen, we need that extra help to keep things running smoothly. Please contact me on telegram (@LiteralGrill), Twitter (@Linnturong), or on the FWG Discord if you are interested in volunteering.

Don’t forget that the 2020 Cóyotl Awards are now open for votes! The ballot can be found here. Voting closes on April 30th so make sure to get those votes in ASAP. For those interested, we compiled some interesting stats about the award for its 10th anniversary that can be found on the FWG Blog.

Next, we would like to welcome our new Markets Manager: Vincenzo “Halfbloodcheetah” Pascuarella! Any members or publishers that know of new markets that would be good fits for furry authors should contact them with details to keep our Furry Writers’ Market up to date.

Finally, we are proud to share the 2020 Oxfurred Comma Flash Fiction Collection is now available for download for free to anyone that wants a copy! It’s available in multiple formats and can be downloaded on Smashwords.

You can find all kinds of submission calls for Furry writing in our Furry Writers’ Market! Currently, these markets are open.

One last thing this month. As of today, those interested in running for guild officer positions should post in the appropriate section of the forum between now and April 30th in accordance with our Code of Conduct. We encourage anyone interested in helping promote anthropomorphic fiction to run and help make the guild stronger than ever before.

That’s all for now, so until next time: may your words flow like water.

– FWG President Linnea “LiteralGrill” Capps

Cóyotl Awards Update

We are happy to announce that we have found an acting chairperson for the Cóyotl Awards. Please give a warm welcome to Linnea ‘LiteralGrill’ Capps! With a new acting chairperson at the helm we are proud to say the 2019 awards will be taking place this year!

We have decided to move the Cóyotl Awards from their own website to their own page here on the Furry Writers’ Guild site itself. This will allow us easier hosting of Cóyotl Awards related content as well as offer overall cohesiveness for the guild.

With all of this in mind nominations for the 2019 Cóyotl Awards are now open! While previous voting took place on the old website we have chosen to simplify the process by using a Google Form. These forms will be asking for your email address which we will compare to our FWG Database of members to confirm votes. 

If you believe your email is not up to date or simply want to be sure we have the correct email please fill out this form. Now without further ado…


The 2019 Cóyotl Awards Nominations Form


Nominations will be open for one month, January 22nd until February 22nd. Please remember that there can only be three nominations per category. All nominations per form past the first three will be discarded. 

Make sure to stay tuned for future updates on the awards. We will get information up for the official vote once the nominations are tallied. We could still use volunteers to help so if you are interested please contact Linnea on Twitter or Telegram – @LiteralGrill

Thank you for your support of the guild and the Cóyotl Awards both past and present. Here’s to strong nominations from the previous year and fantastic new stories to be written this year!