What’s the purpose of the Furry Writers’ Guild?

The purpose of the Furry Writers’ Guild is to help support, inform, elevate, and promote quality writing and writers of anthropomorphic fiction, as well as to provide useful information, links, and a gathering place for the many writers within the fandom. If we come together, we can strengthen not only the anthropomorphic writing community, but the furry fandom as a whole.

What services does the guild provide?

We feature various resources for writers, including an up-to-date Furry Writers’ Market so you can find venues to publish your work, as well as a forum for discussion, networking, and critique. Guild members also are able to nominate and vote in the Cóyotl Awards, where writers recognize excellence in anthropomorphic fiction. The guild is still growing, and in the future we hope to offer more features and services.

How can I help the guild?

Right now, the biggest thing people can do is participate and be active in the community. The more active members we have, the more we can accomplish as a collective group. The heart of our community is our forum, which is open to all writers and readers, regardless of guild membership status. In the forum, you can participate in discussions, connect with other writers, and offer your ideas and suggestions for the guild.

How do I become a member?

It’s easy. See Join the Guild for information on our membership criteria and how to join.

Do my stories on FurAffinity count toward membership?  What about conbooks or comics?

In order to qualify, your fiction needs to be published through an online, print, or audio publication/publishing company by someone other than yourself. A story posted on, say, FurAffinity or your website is considered self-published, because no one else had to accept or approve it before it was made public. Any publication edited by someone other than yourself, though, would count toward membership, and that includes convention books as well. As for comic/graphic novel writing, we feel that the strong visual aspect of the medium shifts the focus away from the guild’s original intention, which is to promote more standard text-based fiction. While we respect comic book writers and their work, at this time writing for comics and graphic novels does not count toward guild membership.

I want to become a member, but I’m not a published writer.  How do I get published?

Check out our Furry Writer’s Market. It lists many paying and non-paying venues for writers of anthropomorphic fiction, including convention books, anthologies, and opportunities for publishing novel-length works. You can also find non-furry markets by searching a market database like Duotrope (subscription-based) or The Submission Grinder (free).

We also offer associate memberships to those in the furry fandom who, while not primarily writers themselves, have greatly benefited the furry writing community in some way (for example, editors, publishers, or critics). For more information on associate membership, see Join the Guild.

Can I submit stories to the guild?

We’re not a publication or a gallery site. We only accept fiction submissions at specific times for projects like guild anthologies. Keep an eye on the forums for announcements of new projects.

How do I submit a story to a publisher?

All the venues in the Furry Writer’s Market have links to the publishers’ specific guidelines.  Be sure to read and follow them carefully before submitting.

How do I contact the guild?

Email us with any questions, comments, or feedback at furwritersguild@gmail.com.