Archives and Galleries

There’s a great deal of furry fiction available to read for free from various gallery sites and online archives. As one might expect, sorting the wheat from the chaff can be a tedious process, but for readers and writers who are feeling adventurous, here are the main currently active sites for furry fiction.


This is the biggest and most popular place for posting all forms of artistic work within the furry community, though as with many of these sites, its main focus is visual media.  (Writers, check out the Furry Writer’s Guide to FA by FWG member Renee Carter Hall for helpful tips on how to better post your written work to FurAffinity.)

Originally a site for furry erotica, this fiction archive later became a full gallery site. While much of the fiction posted here still tends to focus on erotic material, general content is also allowed.

A social art gallery website (not strictly furry, but primarily so). While it doesn’t have FurAffinity’s size, it does have a better interface for readers and some nicer features for writers, including gallery folders.

A furry gallery site open to most content.  Humans are only acceptable on the site in fiction posts (not art), but no human/furry erotica is allowed.

Metamor Keep Story Archive
A furry/transformation fiction archive with writings set in the Metamor Keep universe.

A wiki-based writing community centered around the theme of shapeshifting and transformation.


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