Alder “RedlaSunShowers” Beck

Alder Beck is a fantasy and sci-fi writer who specializes in the realm of furry fiction focused on neurodiversity, queer representation, predator/prey dynamics, and overcoming trauma and adversity in very far-from-reality constructs. Identifying strongly as a member of the Neurodivergent community, Alder’s signature tool of the trade blends her natural hypersensitivity with heavily immersive scenery, quick-paced dialogue, and of course, anthropomorphic animals of every spot and stripe. “They’re just naturally more expressive than your typical human characters,” Alder comments. “People don’t seem to recognize everything you can do when making a world with an entity who’s already got heightened senses. I just feel like these characters, they ‘get me’ more than a lot of folks, and I can use that to really show people how I experience the world.”

Along with her previously published works, Alder is in the midst of an ambitious novel series designed with disabled representation at the forefront; dragons, magic, and trickery abound!

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